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    Therefore under the new situation, what concerns manufacturers are products,

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    technology and investment fields and what concerns buyers are how to adjust and

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    formulate corresponding sourcing strategy, these are all the industry's continued focuses.


China’s main role within the footwear industry has been mostly production, trade, and consumption. In the last 20 years, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, and other Asian countries have experienced rapid development in the footwear industry and become the most important bases by producing over 80% of the total footwear output of the world. Under the new globalization trend, the rise development of Industry 4.0 as well as combined with the “Made in China 2025” Strategy, this shows Material and Labour is not only key competiveness factors. The footwear industry needs to leap forward into intelligent manufacturing in order to strive.

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Overall Situation and Trends of Vietnam Footwear Industry
Interpretation of “the Master Plan for Developing Vietnam’s Footwear Industry to 2020 and Vision to 2025”
Latest Progress of the TPP and Its Impact on Asian Footwear Industry
Workers and Supervisors and Their Perception of Their Life and Work Within Footwear Factories
The Experiences and Challenge to Invest or Build Footwear Factories in Vietnam
Optimize Global Purchasing Strategy-Case Study of Vietnam Purchasing Trends
Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges of Vietnam Footwear Manufacturers
Effective Management of Sourcing Supply Chain to Adapt to the Ever-changing Footwear Industry Across Asia
Creative Shoemaking Processes and Techniques
Ethical Sourcing, the Footwear Suppliers' Corporate Social Responsibility Audit
Panel Discussion: What is Future Model for Vietnam Footwear Enterprises
Solution for Energy Saving in the Shoes Factory
Panel Discussion: How to Implement New Model for Vietnam Footwear Enterprises
The Supply Chain Management of International Footwear Enterprise in Vietnam
Chemical Management System
Opportunities and Risks of Vietnam/Asian Footwear Manufacturing Industry to Benefit from the Passage of the TPP
Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Promoting Shoe Productivity


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